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pediatric dentist hainesport nj

Pediatric Dentist Hainesport NJ

pediatric dentist hainesport nj

Why choose a Board-Certified Pediatric Dentist in Hainesport NJ?

Choosing a board-certified pediatric dentist in Hainesport, NJ, is an important decision for the dental health and well-being of your child. A board-certified pediatric dentist has undergone extensive training and rigorous examinations beyond dental school, specializing in the unique needs of infants, children, and adolescents, including those with special health care needs. This level of dedication to pediatric dentistry ensures that your child receives the highest standard of care in a child-friendly environment. Tooth Patrol Pediatric Dentistry represents the pinnacle of this specialized care, offering a welcoming atmosphere that caters specifically to the comfort and needs of young patients.

Your Choice Pediatric Dentist Serving Infants, Children, and Teens in Hainesport, NJ

When it comes to selecting a pediatric dentist in Hainesport, NJ, for infants, children, and teens, Tooth Patrol Pediatric Dentistry stands out as a premier choice. Recognized for its commitment to providing high-quality dental care in a child-friendly environment, Tooth Patrol Pediatric Dentistry has established itself as a trusted name among parents and caregivers in the Hainesport community. With a focus on preventive care and education, the expert team at Tooth Patrol Pediatric Dentistry is dedicated to ensuring that every visit is a positive experience for both the child and their family.

pediatric dentist hainesport nj
pediatric dentist hainesport nj

Get to know
Dr. Gary DMD, MPH, MBS
Board Certified, Dynamic Dad

Being the youngest child in my family, I was fortunate to have a plethora of great role models. From my elder sisters, parents and caring elementary school teachers I was fortunate to be shaped into believing in myself. As a clinician, I find it rewarding to help children conquer their fears of the dentist. I inspire to encourage kids to believe in their smiles and more importantly in themselves!


I am humbled to have the opportunity to shape kids’ behavior on a day-to-day basis. I strive to make sure that every patient has a pleasant, happy experience and leaves the office with a smile. At the same time, I believe it is equally important to educate and inform parents about their child’s oral health. At Tooth Patrol Pediatric Dentistry, we take the time and patience to make sure both parents and children are involved in their smiles and empowered in preventing cavities!

pediatric dentist hainesport nj

Get to know Dr. Jas DMD, MBS Board Certified, Marvel Mom

Being the eldest child in a family of 6, I have been blessed with the opportunity to help and nurture my younger siblings from an early age. Naturally, I always wanted to help and make an impact on children’s lives growing up. From baby-sitting in high school to practicing pediatric dentistry, I love working with kids! I care for each child as if it were my own and want them to believe they can do anything they set their mind to! I truly believe that establishing a dental home and a strong foundation of oral healthcare early is important in creating a growing and ever-lasting smile!


Silver Diamine Fluoride
Teeth Cleaning


Baby Root Canals
White Crowns
Tooth-Colored Restorations


Comfort Visits
Sedation Dentistry
Laser Frenectomy
Interceptive Orthodontics



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