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Tooth Patrol Pediatric Dentistry  Moorestown New Jersey


tooth patrol pediatric dentistry

Family-Owned Practice

At our family-owned specialty pediatric dental practice, we understand the importance of building strong relationships with our patients and their families. That's why we welcome parents and caregivers to accompany their child to all dental visits, so they can be involved in their child's care and feel informed and empowered about their oral health. We treat all of our patients like family, and we are committed to providing personalized and compassionate care that meets the unique needs of each child.

Safe, Fun & Welcoming

Tooth Patrol Pediatric Dentistry is committed to providing a safe, fun, and welcoming environment for children to receive high-quality dental care. We believe that every child deserves to feel comfortable and at ease during their dental visits, and we strive to create a positive experience that sets the foundation for a lifetime of good oral health habits. Our team is dedicated to making dental visits fun and enjoyable for kids, while still providing the highest standard of care to ensure that their teeth and gums are healthy and strong.

Tooth Patrol Pediatric Dentistry  Moorestown New Jersey

We are committed to a high standard of care!


The team at our pediatric dental practice in South Jersey is comprised of highly trained professionals who are passionate about providing children with the best possible dental care. Our goal is to help children achieve and maintain healthy smiles that will last a lifetime, and we are dedicated to delivering personalized care that meets the unique needs of each child.


We are committed to providing evidence-based dentistry that prioritizes prevention and minimally invasive treatments. We follow the guidelines and recommendations set forth by the American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry and the American Dental Association, ensuring that our patients receive the highest quality care based on the latest scientific research and best practices in the industry.


We place a strong emphasis on building a personal relationship with each child and their family. Our goal is to establish trust and rapport early on, so that every child feels comfortable and at ease during their visits.


We pride ourselves on being accessible, personable, and transparent. We believe that every patient deserves to have easy access to quality dental care and we strive to create a welcoming and friendly environment for everyone. We are also committed to being transparent with our patients about their treatment options, costs, and any other concerns they may have.


We are committed to environmental sustainability and reducing our ecological footprint. We prioritize the use of eco-friendly materials and state-of-the-art technologies, and we are always exploring new ways to reduce waste and conserve resources. Our goal is to care for both the oral health of our patients and the health of our planet.


We are dedicated to serving our local community. We believe that giving back is an essential part of our mission, and we are proud to support local schools, organizations, and initiatives. We strive to make a positive impact on the lives of the families and communities we serve.

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